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$19 Single License,
$30 5-Pack (on sale)

Music, by kind permission: Blue Tonic World, Song: The Blue of Your Eyes

Apple Mail Plug-ins and Tools
MailHub is a 'smart' plug-in for Apple Mail which revolutionises email management. File, create new mailboxes, delete or assign actions to your email effortlessly without interruption to your workflow.
Download a FREE 30-day trial and start enjoying the benefits of a streamlined inbox today!
  • Organise your email simply and easily using MailHub's auto-suggest intelligent technology which suggests where to file your mail based on your previous email activity
  • File or delete emails individually, by thread or by sender in one simple process
  • Auto-file sent email to its parent mailbox
  • Create new mailboxes simply and organically when new filing categories arise
  • Set reminders for email related actions at the touch of a button
  • Preview changes before making them / undo changes as required

"MailHub provides me with a much better 'connect' to iCal and makes quick work of filing emails into the hundreds of folders that I have set up. If I have to deal with something it either becomes an event or a 'to-do', everything else is filed in an appropriate folder, (or deleted)."
Jon B,

System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.9 (Mavericks)