• Will MailHub alter Mail's own settings or email files? Is it going to cause problems when I uninstall it?
    No. A primary design objective for MailHub was to ensure that once uninstalled, MailHub disappeared without trace.

    To that end, MailHub has been built to completely separate its data and settings from Apple Mail's own data and settings... of course, this statement does not affect any disclaimers in the End User License Agreement (available as displayed when you install MailHub).

    Note, however, that MailHub uses Apple Mail's own 'ToDo' system to set reminders, and the reminders it sets are indistinguishable from manually created ToDo's... if you uninstall MailHub, those ToDo's will remain, because they're 'normal', and not MailHub-specific. (Back to Top)
  • Isn't MailHub just another filing plugin for Apple Mail?
    Yes and no... it does filing...but then it does a lot more, too. But getting back to filing.... it also supports 'auto-completion' of mailbox names and 'smart' suggested filing locations. The plugin is designed to 'learn' from your filing behaviour.

    Our ideal would be to enable filing of emails to a good place just by repeatedly clicking 'File'. In practice, this isn't possible because there are always exceptions to any rule. (Back to Top)
  • I installed MailHub, but it doesn't show up in Apple Mail. Why?
    One possible answer is that you need to enable Bundles in Mail. The install script should do this for you, but if MailHub still does not appear in Mail, try typing the following commands in Terminal ( ApplicationsUtilitiesTerminal), pressing return after each line:
    defaults write com.apple.mail EnableBundles -bool YES 
    defaults write com.apple.mail BundleCompatibilityVersion -int 3 
    Then restart Mail. If this works for you, then we would appreciate if you would tell us that the installer did not do its job properly, by sending a message via our contact page. (Back to Top)
  • How do I uninstall MailHub
    The easiest way to uninstall MailHub is to go to MailHub preferences in Mail, select the 'Registration' tab, and then click the 'Uninstall...' button near the bottom of the window.

    If for any reason this does not work, MailHub can be uninstalled simply by deleting its 'Bundle' MailHub.mailbundle stored in your Library/Mail/Bundles directory.
    One way to achieve this is using Finder. Open a Finder window, select your Home directory, then select/open:
    in that order. Inside the Bundles directory you will see another directory called MailHub.mailbundle. Delete that directory and restart Mail. MailHub should have disappeared.

    If you are absolutely sure you will not want to install MailHub again, then also delete the MailHub directory in
    <Home Directory>LibraryMail
    This is the MailHub database, and contains your index and usage data, which are used to auto-suggest filing locations. (Back to Top)